Races are being postponed and having their dates changed.  Please check out the race calendar for updated information.

3-7-20 Fitness Plus Indoor Triathlon

2-22-20 One & Done 1 Mile

2-15-20 Presidents' Day 5K

1-1-20 Resolution Challenge 5K / 10K

12-31-19 EPIC Glow Run 5K

12-14-19 Jingle Bell Run 5K

Club Grand Prix

You asked, so we brought it back. The CGRR Grand Prix is back for 2020!  Click Here to see the complete listing of races and more information on this years competition. Click here to see the latest point standings.

Runner Safety Tips from the Road Runners Club of America

  • Please use common sense when out in public spaces. DO NOT spit or “snot rocket/farmer blow” when walking or running in public places.

  • Follow the CDC’s guidelines for isolation and social distancing, even while running down the sidewalk or on your multi-use trail. It’s for the greater good.

  • Be aware of your surroundings when you’re out and about. If you can’t run/walk without your favorite playlist or podcast, use bone-conduction headphones or leave one earbud out. Consider sticking closer to home.

  • Carry your phone and identification with you. Consider a RoadID.

  • Tell someone where you’re going and how long you’ll be gone. This could be your family, roommate, or even a friend on social media.

  • Wear reflective and light-up gear in low-light conditions – so you can see where you’re going, and so others can see you.

  • If sidewalks are available in your community, use them. Most communities have ordinances requiring the use of sidewalks by pedestrians when they are available. Do not create unsafe driving situations for emergency vehicles by running down the middle of a road.The last thing the medical community needs right now is to treat avoidable accidents and injuries.

Membership Renewals

It is that time of year to check and see if your membership is due for renewal.  Click here to check and see if your membership is up for renewal.  If it is then you can fill out the membership form here or renewal online.  

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