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Grand Prix Races


Chance   (Mark Reder)                  5

Lucy        (Tiffiney Smith)              5

Cocoa    (Marissa Higuera)           5

For your dog to receive points, you must email and let us know your pooch participated.


WOMEN - all with 20 points

Monica Kearney

Lindsey Luebbers

Danielle Messer

Linda Null

Deana Wilkerson

Carol Winter

MEN - all with 20 points

Rob Dodson

Will Dodson

Philip Francis

Andy Johnson

David Mincemeyer

Steve Schaffner


  • You must be a member in good standing on the day you run the race.  Membership can be verified here.

  • When registering for a Grand Prix Race, mark on the registration form that you are a CGRR Member.  Families are included, so mark for each member participating that day.

  • You must run in at least three Grand Prix races to be eligible for an award.

  • Points will be awarded based on your age group on race day. 

  • Grand Prix Winners will be awarded based on age group at end of year.

2023 Grand Prix Series Events

If the event has two running distances, double points will be given for the longer distance.


Jan 01 - New Years Resolution Run 5K/10K               Cape Gir

Feb 18 - Presidents Day 5K                                          Cape Gir

Feb 25 - One & Done                                                     Cape Gir

Mar 04 - Grit & Grind Apple Creek                              Cape Gir

Apr 22 - Grit & Grind - Trail of Tears                           Cape Gir

May 13 - Mayfest                                                            Perryville

Jun 03 - Furry 5K                                                             Cape Gir

Jul 08 - Capaha Classic                                                  Cape Gir

Sep 16 - CGRR City of Roses 5K                                   Cape Gir

Sep 17 - CGRR City of Roses Half                                 Cape Gir

Sep  23 - Nolan Weber 5K                                              Jackson

Oct 28 -    5KRCU                                                               Cape Gir

Nov 23 - Gobble Wobble 5K                                         Cape Gir

Dec 09 - Mary Mingle 5K                                               Cape Gir


Divisions for Grand Prix points


Males                               Females

19 and Under                  19 and Under

20-29                                 20-29

30-39                                 30-39

40-49                                 40-49

50-59                                 50-59

60-69                                 60-69

70 and Over                     70 and Over

Final Grand Prix Winners will be awarded in the following divisions, provided the three race minimum requirement is met. 

Males 0-19, 20-39, 40-59, 60+   

Females 0-19, 20-39, 40-59, 60+

Point Accumulation

Points will be awarded in each 10 year age category based on finish place in your age group.

Please note that the 10 year age category is used regardless of the particular race’s divisions.


1st = 10 pts, 2nd = 9 pts, 3rd = 8 pts, 4th = 7 pts, 5th = 6 pts, all other finishers receive 5 pts. 

The total points accrued over the course of the series events will determine the winners.  You are competing against active Cape Girardeau Road Runner Club Members only.  Members joining during the year are only eligible for points on races after they have joined.

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